Hyacinthe L. Raven

Hyacinthe is the owner and editor of Via Dolorosa Press. She also edits VDP's literary journal, Erased, Sigh, Sigh. Her first full-length novel is available via Reality Asylum Books.

Books Available from Via Dolorosa Press:

No Meaning Beyond Itself (vdp02)
There's No Light at the End of It All: Lagerkvistian Existentialism (vdp05)
Break the Black Ice: Fall Apart (vdp14)
Break the Black Ice: And Drift in Dreams of Other Lives (vdp24)
The Esoteric (vdp25)
Crush Violets (vdp30)
Break the Black Ice: Where the Silence Starts to Thicken (vdp31)
L'homme Absurde and the Life-Affirming Revolt (vdp50)
Locust Erst Lorn (nb001 Nepenthe Books)
Cicada (nb004 Nepenthe Books)
Roaming Danverts (nb005 Nepenthe Books)
Gaeilge, Arís!--The Resurrection of the Irish Language (nb009 Nepenthe Books)

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